Multiphysics Simulation: Electromechanical System Applications and Optimization (Simulation Foundations, Methods and Applications)

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This book highlights a unique combination of numerical tools and strategies for handling the challenges of multiphysics simulation, with a specific focus on electromechanical systems as the target application. Features: introduces the concept of design via simulation, along with the role of multiphysics simulation in today’s engineering environment; discusses the importance of structural optimization techniques in the design and development of electromechanical systems; provides an overview of the physics commonly involved with electromechanical systems for applications such as electronics, magnetic components, RF components, actuators, and motors; reviews the governing equations for the simulation of related multiphysics problems; outlines relevant (topology and parametric size) optimization methods for electromechanical systems; describes in detail several multiphysics simulation and optimization example studies in both two and three dimensions, with sample numerical code.